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  • Grow

    You will work alongside generous, talented, and experienced people in cooperation with the most prestigious Italian and international technology entities, along with enlightened entrepreneurs and forward-thinking managers. You will participate in projects that will be a source of pride.

  • Dare

    Here we do innovative coding: we build products and technologies that shape the future of web and software development. You will then have to try your hand at tough projects, models without how-to guides, and innovative technologies not yet translated into projects. But don't worry, you'll have a whole crew, ergonomic chairs and plenty of chocolate to count on.

  • Work as a team
    Work as a team

    If there is one thing we can assure you, it's that you will never go on this journey alone. From initial training to daily stand-up meetings, from the peer-review process to the most playful moments, the team will be with you, ready to support you and throw stress balls at you.

  • Break free
    Break free

    No time clocks, dress codes, or control obsessions will characterize your life at Geckosoft. Here we program because we love doing it; we work towards goals and we look at the results. You can take breaks or change workstation. We are a remote friendly company where you can choose between on-site, hybrid or full remote.

  • Dive in
    Dive in

    …to the heart of the Tuscan city that is world-renowned for its quality of life and leading position in the area of research and technological innovation. We have two offices in the center of Pisa. The main operational headquarters is located on the first floor of Casino dei Nobili, one of the most beautiful historical buildings in the historic center. Europe's third biggest chandelier - go figure - shines in our meeting room. The other office, surrounded by greenery, is located a few steps away from the Fibonacci campus.

  • Enjoy

    We have fun even at work, because we hire people who love to program. But that's not all. We have relaxation areas, kitchens, consoles, 3D printers, a foosball table, and every imaginable geek gadget. At least twice a year, we travel to great places for a few days of work and vacation. And we very often share aperitifs, dinners, beers, karaoke nights, and fun moments.

  • Enhance your talent
    Enhance your talent

    We want to nurture talents but also enhance them with employment contracts and appropriate annual salaries for the level of seniority and commitment. We offer basic benefits including a company computer of your choice between MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, or other high-performing PCs; meal tickets; snacks; unlimited drinks and coffee.

  • Learn

    We support ongoing education and training, because talents must be nurtured. We encourage personal experiences and we fund courses, manuals, participation in events, conferences and other training activities. We offer one-on-one English classes and in-house training courses.

Jump aboard

We are looking for digital explorers ready to join the Geckos for new programming ventures.

Frontend Developer

{Angular, Typescript, Figma, Cypress...}

Backend Developer

{Symfony, .NET Core, WebSocket, SQL...}

DevOps Engineer

{Kubernetes, AWS Cloud, Symfony...}

Full-Stack Developer

{Angular, Typescript, Figma, Cypress...}


Send a spontaneous

If you haven't found an open position that suits you, there's no need to worry, because our search for new talent doesn't stop there.

Our projects require developers but also usability experts, creatives, designers. Passionate people who want to raise the bar, solve complex problems, experiment, learn, work as a team, and challenge themselves in the world of programming and digital services.

If these words describe you, we will be glad to receive your application. We will consider junior, mid, and senior candidates.

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