eXpress Delivery: the 360° order manager

Born and used as an integrated platform for food delivery, eXpress Delivery finds its use in all those sales areas where there is a direct interaction between buyer and seller. Therefore, not only food delivery but also online grocery shopping services, live orders from restaurant tables, and e-commerce with real-time customizations, e.g., the sale of t-shirts, shoes, or cars with customizations chosen on the spot. eXpress Delivery is a state-of-the-art, highly scalable tech infrastructure made in Geckosoft.

eXpress Delivery: the 360° order manager
We developed eXpress Delivery in 2018 without a request from a specific client, confident that it could respond to the needs of countless businesses interested in digital solutions applied to the express sales process of products and services.

Little did we know yet that 2020 would have marked the incredible success of this form of online purchasing.

The platform allows the seller to independently manage: real-time orders, products, payments, delivery services, promotions and many other related features.

The seller offers its customers a customized web and mobile app featuring a theme in line with the brand. 

Thanks to a RESTful API, eXpress Delivery can integrate with external systems such as remote services, printers, POS terminals, digital display totems, cash registers, and all kinds of smart devices. Several clients currently using this application have requested additional features, which we have tailor-developed and integrated with the basic infrastructure.