Backend Developer

Backend Developer


Geckosoft is a fast-growing digital company, so we are always looking for developers to join our research and development team.

We consider junior, mid, and senior candidates, who want to bring innovation to the field of programming, and who, at any level, always want to learn something new. That person could be you, so take a look at the profiles we are searching for.

We are looking for you.

You are a talented back-end developer but you know that the best digital solution is the one you will create as part of a team. Technology challenges excite you, and you are able to commit to the team’s goals while maintaining your problem-solving skills and a fair amount of autonomy. 


Your skills are:

  • The OpenAPI specification for modeling and describing APIs
  • You are familiar with problems related to scalable cloud architectures for large numbers of users
  • Symfony and/or .NET Core or other equivalent languages and frameworks for the development of distributed back-end services and microservices
  • WebSocket for publish/subscribe
  • Identification and authorization services based on OpenID, OAuth 2.0, SAML
  • SQL and NoSQL storage mainly provided by AWS services
  • Git and code review for better code quality and sharing
  • End-to-end test tools that can be integrated with the CI process


Bonus technical skills:

  • Knowledge of CI/CD systems

What we will do together:

  • We will improve the integration with the UI, and to do this, you will collaborate with the front-end team.
  • You will play your part in creating simple and reusable visual components. 
  • Like the rest of the Geckos, you will show a great interest in solving complex problems with solutions that are just as complex.
  • You will care about the user experience and will particularly care about the impeccability of the software projects you will be working on.
  • We will be 110% aligned on work ethics.

What you will get at Geckosoft:

  • Company computer of your choice between MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, or other high-performing PCs and a workstation with ergonomic chair and 26″ external screen.
  • Welcome kit with mug, t-shirt, sweatshirt, stress balls to throw at that overly focused colleague, and many other gadgets – be they more or less geeky – to discover.
  • In-house training, private English classes, opportunities to participate in conferences, events, and online courses.
  • Stimulating, informal, and pleasant work environment, close-knit colleagues to spend time with – even after work.
  • Two amazing offices in the historic center of the Italian Silicon Valley.
  • Working conditions are set to meet your needs. We can work together to define the most suitable combination between on-site, remote or hybrid conditions.
  • Meal tickets, and unlimited snacks, chocolate, soft drinks, fruit, and coffee.
  • Lunch agreement with the Baronetto restaurant.
  • Gym agreement with Legend gym.
  • And of course, an employment contract – unless otherwise explicitly requested by you – for a full-time commitment (40 hours per week) and with a variable gross annual salary depending on your seniority level and actual skills. 

Junior, Mid, and Senior specifications:

Junior Developer

€32-35k/year – Full-time.

  • You have a basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms and at least one programming language.
  • You demonstrate mental flexibility and an inclination to quick, iterative, and field-based learning.

Mid Developer

€35-40k/year – Full-time.

  • In addition to junior skills – that we take for granted – you have experience on projects brought to production; you know how to manage your work autonomously; you possess critical thinking and an active and proactive attitude that leads you to take the initiative.

Senior Developer

€40-45k/year – Full-time.

  • You go beyond mid skills. You are a senior programmer, you focus on long-term goals, and you have the ability to innovate, experiment, and evaluate new solutions, connecting the right dots to solve problems, even complex ones.
  • You can understand the scope of each project, its critical aspects, and how to divide it into sub-problems, organizing its priorities.

What to expect after applying:

Our selection process consists of three phases:

  • Preliminary interview
    It will take approximately half an hour. We prefer to do it in person so you can get an idea of the Geckosoft environment, but we can also do it remotely.
  • Test
    You will be asked to solve a home assignment in a time frame that will vary according to the position and seniority level.
  • Technical interview
    This will be a more in-depth interview on technical skills with two members of the development team.


Did we just describe you? Apply!

This announcement is addressed to both sexes, pursuant to Italy Laws 903/77 and 125/91, to persons of all ages and all nationalities, pursuant to Italy Legislative Decrees 215/03 and 216/03, and to persons of protected categories under Italy Law 68/99.

Send us your application and tell us anything that might help us to identify you with the profile we are searching for.

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